Dayne Walling 21 Performance is a Flint-based company that works with nonprofit business, government organizations to develop solutions that provide long-term sustainability and immediate impact. Entrepreneurial solutions that combine civic engagement, financial development, and creative thinking are the company's hallmarks.

Meet Founder and Owner Dayne Walling

Dayne Walling is the Owner and Manager of 21st Century Performance LLC. The new company is built on his previous experience including working and consulting for the Genesee Institute at the Genesee County Land Bank, the DC Mayorís Office, University of Minnesota's Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, OverExposure Arts, Ready 4 K, the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Habitat for Humanity, and the Southern Africa Environment Project.

Tackling Tough Challenges

Current projects include working to increase civic and voter engagement through the national Center for Civic Participationís State Voices project and designing innovative programs for nonprofit and businesses in Flint, Michigan. Led by Dayne Walling, a Rhodes Scholar and a former Candidate for Mayor in Flint, nothing is assumed to be a lost cause for this committed company.

Contact 21 Performance

If you are facing the tough challenges of the 21st Century, then consider putting the knowledge and experience of 21 Performance to work for you by contacting Dayne Walling at 810-280-7684.

Creating Solutions for 21st Century Problems